Juan Loco, Reagan Foxx - Rent`s Due Please call me Mommy FullHD 1080p

Juan Loco, Reagan Foxx - Rent`s Due Please call me Mommy FullHD 1080p 4

Juan (Loco) is unpacking his boxes, moving in as a new renter to the home of Reagan (Foxx) and her husband. She’s more than friendly greeting the youngster, with a flirty “Please call me Mommy.” Reagan goes further than that, telling him he reminds her of his son, who’s away at college. It’s a mutual admiration society, as Juan is flattered by the attention he’s getting, especially since he’s become used to couch surfing of late, without a real place to stay. Not afraid of being considered forward, Reagan boldly asks him: “When has this young handsome man last gotten laid?”. His answer of “a year or so” is clearly the right one, as Reagan ups her game.

“Do you know that men actually sexually peak in their early 20s, but women don’t peak until they’re my age? Isn’t that a funny fact?”, she laughs. Juan exits to finish unpacking in his room, and later there’s a knock on his door -he opens it to reveal Reagan standing there wearing just a bra and jeans. She sits on his bed to have a little talk. When he wonders about getting too familiar with a roommate, Reagan corrects him: “No honey, we’re not roommates, we’re family”. Noting her habit with her own son, she even invites him to go shopping with her, to help her pick out lingerie to wear. Reagan comes to the point: “The reason this room is so reasonable is that one of your obligations is to keep the lady of the house totally satisfied”. Juan refuses at first, unwilling to do what’s implied, behind her husband’s back. Reagan’s reaction is to say “Never say never”, and remove her jeans, standing before him in her enticing violet underwear. She then matter-of-factly slips off her panties and asks him: “Do you like the smell of pussy?’ Juan sniffs her discarded panties. “I want to show you how wet you make me”, she whispers and begins masturbating right in front of him. After fingering herself, she puts her finger in his mouth, and says to him: “Show me”. Juan whips out his big dick, fully erect, and Reagan commands: “Jerk off for me”. As they both masturbate, she adds: “Please keep jerking your cock for mommy”. Then she teases him by letting him rub his cock against her pussy. When she murmurs “Mommy wants you”, he penetrates her, earning Reagan’s approval: “Oh yes, that’s a good boy”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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