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As usual your mom waking you up every morning. But in past few weeks…you have trouble to get out of your bed. The reason is not because you are so, so sleepy…but you became to be a man and you having this huge erection every single morning! You are trying to hide this from your mother…in fact…she is the reason of it!!! You always dreaming about her and wish to have different…totally different relation ship with her! Not like a son & bother, you wish to have your mom for your self….to be her lover!

But this morning is even worst…you erection is not disappear as it use to! And you start to panic! You know you are going to be late again and the fact that your mother is constantly knocking on your door, doesn’t help you to much! And in that moment…your mother get enough and enter into your room. She doesn’t understand what is wrong with you…always late…spending most of the mornings in the bed!!! And she would like to have some explanation!!! Why her baby boy lives not hide like a cave man?!!!

She try to get you quickly from the bed and take the blanket off! HUGE MISTAKE!!! In that very moment she sees your hard cock…pointing right on her!!! Oh my God!!! Now she wants that you cover your self….but wait, it is not your mistake…she take it off of you!!! And now….she start to realize what is going on with her son! You are not her sweet little boy any more….you are starting to be a man!

But how she could possibly help you with that?! Didn’t your father explain you all the staff? Didn’t he had a ,, men,, talk with you? Of course not!!! Everything is now on her. Your mom try to calm you down, this is completely natural and normal think. Your hormones are now working and this is the reaction of your body…of the body of young man. And she wants to know how do you feel?

Should you lie? Or should you say the truth? Your erection has nothing to do with your body changing…your mother does!!! You find her so fucking sexy…how she walks home all the time…in panties…she smells so good and your erotic dreams about her getting kinkiest and kinkiest!!! Well…you say it to her!!!

Your mother seams shocked in the moment!!! ,, But there is only one thing…how you can solve it for your self baby! Did you try to masturbate? NO??? Why not?….gosh…what??? What you want from your mother??? That’s crazy!!! We are mother and son…I can’t ,, says your mother. ,, I can teach you how to stroke your cock! ,,

But she is already so late for work…and you are still here…laying front of her…with your cock rock hard! You know, how is going to end! Your mommy loves you more then anything in the world!!! She’ll do it for you! She will hold your dick and stroke you…she ‘ll make you feel like in heaven! Is it hard to believe..but it’s even better then in your dream! You looking at her, that pretty face…sexy body…beautiful smell…her sexy lingerie…and…God…you cum with your mother’s hand job. But even after few minutes…your erection is still there….your cock is stiff just like before! Your mother can’t believe…you have so much potential…and so beautiful cock…of course…nicer then you father!!! You just wanted to feel her again…her soft hand…and you ask your mom to make you cum one more time!!! Now is the situation different! You can see on your mother’s eyes…that she love it…she love her son’s swollen cock and give you so passionate hand job and make you cum over again!!!

Your mommy is the best!!! She solve your erection trouble! For this morning! You can’t wait…what kind of solution she will find for you tomorrow!!!

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