KendraJames – Daphne & Velma possesed & fucked by the toe loving ghost HD mp4

On a dark stormy night as Daphne and Velma are returning from solving another mystery, they begin to have car trouble. The Mystery Machine breaks down and the only place they can find shelter is inside the creepy old Spurlonga mansion. The two sleuths make it inside just in time to avoid the impending storm. Daphne is immediately put off by the old house but lucky for her Velma is her usual no nonsense self. Velma calms Daphne down assuring her there are no ghosts and they will get up in the morning and find someone the fix their van. With a look of uneasiness Daphne listens to her friend and the two girls drift off to sleep. The wind moans through the house like a screaming banshee and the storm roars on outside. With a crack of thunder a candle suddenly lights by a ghostly presence that is looming over the two sleeping detectives. The specter takes control of the red headed girl possessing her body and mind. Her eyes open with a blank stare. She come to attention like a puppet being worked by its strings.

The horny ghost begins to fondle its newly obtained physical form licking and sucking on the young girls stocking toes working its way to her sweet tight pussy. The ghost undresses the mesmerized girl and dips her fingers deep into her slippery wet pussy all the while groping at her perky tits. The specter then notices the other girl sleeping on the couch with her nerdy glasses and her large beautiful tits filling out her bright orange sweater. Using Daphne’s physical form the ghost starts to kiss and caress the sleeping girls feet and legs. Velma is startled awake only to see her naked friend kissing her feet, not knowing she is possessed by the mansions dirty old ghost. Daphne jumps on top of her friend and begins to mesmerize the frightened girl until she is also under the power of the ghost. Velma, unable to resist undresses herself and joins her possessed friend on the couch. The ghost makes the two girls suck at each other toes, worshiping their feet and fingering themselves. It then forces them to toe fuck each others glistening pussies. Daphne penetrates Velma’s tight wet hole, fucking her hard and deep with her toe. The lonely ghost is relentless in its depravity and the two clueless girls cannot help but build each other to orgasm. One sucks the others feet as the other inserts a toe deeper and deeper into her friend. They moan out as if they themselves are ghosts until they both scream out in an exorcising orgasm of pleasure. Startled awake Velma and Daphne look at each other in confusion as to why they are both naked and why they both have a toe shoved into each others pussy. The satisfied ghost reveals itself to the girls cackling away, scaring them both into belief that the stories are true, this house is haunted by the big titty and toe loving ghost of old man Sperlonga. They both run from the house preferring to face a thundering rain storm than spend one more minute under the lustful gaze of the horny ghost.

Categories: Cosplay ,Girl Girl, Halloween, Lesbians ,Strap-On, Mesmerize, Limp Fetish, Hypnosis, Mind Control

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:20:18
Size: 393 Mb

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