Kimberly Kane & Dixie – Battle Of The Were-Sluts – growth fetish, masturbation, magic control FullHD [1080p/]

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The Were-Slut is Back! And so is the Nerdy Scientist who has discovered her secret. The scientist has perfected a serum that can turn her into a Were-Slut, too. She knows that Dixie has been using her super-sexy Were-Slut abilities to seduce all of her bosses and work her way up in the company and now she’s ready to put a stop to it, or at least get a bit of the action for herself.

When Ms. Kane calls to talk to the big boss and warn him about what Ms. Comet is doing she is shocked to find that he’s in a meeting with Ms. Comet already and she’s afraid she’s too late. when she goes to Ms. Comet’s office and hears sounds of fucking coming from behind the door, her fears are confirmed and she vows that this is the last straw. She ducks off into the bathroom and downs a gulp of her Were-Slut potion. And just as before, she transforms into a seriously sex-kitten version of herself, full of confindence and able to wrap men around her finger. She marches back to Dixie’s office to confront her.

Ms. Comet can’t believe her eyes!
She can tell that it’s the nerdy scientist from the chemistry dept. in front of her but everything about her is different. Not just her clothes and demeanor but her actual physical body, with a big, juicy ass, full breasts and a banging body. She tells Ms. Comet that she’s found out her little secret and demands that she let out the Were-Slut so that they can do battle and find out who is the greatest once and for all.
“You’re crazy, I don’t know what you’re talking about, I can’t fight!” Dixie exclaims.
“Not you, her! The Were-Slut. And I think I know how you control her.” Kimberly shouts as she advances to Dixie and grabs her by the crotch. You see, Ms. Kane has figured out the the way Dixie controls her inner Were-Slut and brings her out on demand is by masturbating. So she pushes her back against the sofa and starts rubbing her clit.

“No! Stop! You’re making me horny! And you wouldn’t like me when I’m horny!” she yells just before she starts to orgasm and begins to transform. Her breasts grow, her outfit and demeanor transform and with a bright flash she transforms into the Were-Slut. The two Were-Sluts size each other up and circle each other like sex animals before they brandish their weapons of choice, Hitachi Magic Wand. First one to pass out from orgasms is the loser as they get to work getting themselves off in a pitched, intense battle of super sexy sluts.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:12:41
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