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Added: 11/24/17

You come home to find a note on your door from one of your roommates. She’s signed for a package while you weren’t home. When you go to her room and talk to her, she jokes that you’ve bought
so many of these doodads, that you have to at least have a small doubt that they don’t work. She teases that it’s like believing in Santa Claus, and thinks you’re cute. “I don’t care where
you spend your money, as long as you pay your part of the rent.” When you ask where the package is, she lifts up her sweatshirt sleeves to reveal that she’s put the bracelets you purchased
ON her wrists. She playfully says she volunteers. Your eyes go WIDE- you just bought the most powerful mesmerizing bracelets you’ve ever had, and she put them on her wrist. She has no idea
what she’s doing..but as she’s playfully consenting, you watch. “I don’t feel anything.” “Is this where you make me act like a chicken?” She seems to have no idea that she’s taking off her
sweatshirt, sliding down her skirt, and basically stripping from everything she’s wearing, “What? It’s hot. I want to do this.” She asks about the bracelets and when she mentions that they
seemed like they were for Halloween, you get an idea. She (obviously) agrees to go put on her Halloween costume, but as she digs for it, she brings out a few things you weren’t expecting- a
tail plug and a HUGE double ended dildo. She doesn’t believe in mind control, but she’s about to fuck her tits, her throat until she’s drooling spit and her pussy until she squirts- all
under your control. This is going to be fun.

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