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Your mom never gets dressed up, and even though she told you a week ago that she was going on a date, you’re not feeling prepared. You watch her getting ready, her hair up in curlers you didn’t even know she had..when you feel it, the jealousy- you don’t want YOUR mom to go out with some guy. You feel…attached, and she can sense that, but she’s taken aback a bit when you ask her if you can touch her silky robe. “Nn–no..I’m not sure that’s a good idea sweety.” She kindly asks you to go start on your homework in case you need any help before she leaves. You don’t want to go…you’re very curious about what she’s wearing and why you’re feeling funny things looking at her.
As she continues to get ready, she doesn’t realize you hiding in the darkness. You can’t help but watch her slowly put on her stockings, sliding them all the way up her thick thighs. She notices the door is open…are you safe? Does she see you? … She closes the door without catching you, but that pulsing you feel ‘down there’ makes it so hard to make a good decision. You slowly open the door to see her sliding her robe off revealing some of the sexiest clothing you’ve ever seen…but why doesn’t she wear this for you? You don’t understand how dating works. You don’t understand why she wants to make this other man feel special. “Sweetie!! What are you doing??” Even though you strongly denied earlier that you didn’t want her to go, you confess it. A warm smile comes across her face and it melts you.
Why do you feel this way? Your precociousness gets the best of you and you beg her to see what’s under her robe. She loves the attention you’re giving her and breaks. She disrobes showing you exactly what she was wearing. It seems mommy was a bit nervous for her date, so you recommend she just stay at home and be with you instead. She thinks it over and smiles have a good point that she can’t really fight with. You’re always so charming. “I have to go grab my cellphone and cancel. Maybe we’ll have a little sleepover or something.” After watching a movie in her room, mommy talks to you, tells you how much she likes being so close to you. She can’t help but notice your curiosity all throughout the movie…and then it happens…”Do you want to touch mommy?”

She seems reserved, but curious too. Her huge boobs are so luscious and beg to be touched by her son’s hands. She reassures you it’s ok, when your precociousness gets the best of you. “OH…my..uh…that’s mommy’s pussy, sweety…I thought we were just talking about touching mommy’s tits.” You can’t help it, but she doesn’t say no… it’s so warm down there and you wonder…what would happen if you slip a finger inside mommy’s inviting pussy. Gasps and moans flow from her mouth and you like it so much. You don’t know about bodies all that much, but you want to be touched too. This feels so good… “I..guess that’s fair..I are touching mommy.”
Touching leads to so much more when mommy gets on top of you and tells you exactly how to put it in. Mommy isn’t going to hold back anymore, and loves how much you cum for her. It seems you may truly be the only man she needs in her life.

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