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It’s Fetish Night again, and this might just be your last.
Custom (no name): Scene 1: We’re lying in bed talking & I bring up the fact that I want you to impregnate me. You say no & I get angry. I say I’m not on going on the pill & I’m not having sex wearing a condom. You say you’ll just pull out. I smile & say “If you think you can!”
Scene 2 ( a week later): It’s fetish night & I’m dressed in black, acting seductive. I tell you to get undressed & sit on the edge of the bed. I lean in, kiss you, tell you to trust me. I start to give you a blowjob but then remember it’s fetish night & ask what you want to do. You say “breath play” but I say I don’t like doing that because sometimes I get carried away & it’s dangerous. But you insist. I say I will do it on one condition: you let me cuff you to the bed. Why? Because bondage is my fetish & I want to get off too. I have you lie down, I tie your feet & cuff arms to bed. Before last arm, kiss & stare at him “This is dangerous. Are you sure?” Once last cuff is on, I reveal your choices: get me pregnant or d1.e. You freak out & try to get free. I grab your cock & put it in me. I laugh, tell you to get ready to impregnate me. I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins & am ovulating.
I put the bag over your head & use a rope to tie it off. “It’s not coming off until you cum in me.” But you don’t believe me. I start riding again & I’m really into it & close to cumming. You’re struggling for air but you might just have to pass out. I threaten you again, so you cum inside me. Then I remove the bag to let you briefly catch your breath. But I’m not done with you. I’m going to get one last injection of your semen before this night is over. I toy with you for a while, and you resist giving me your seed. You cum in me again so I get off you & untie the bag, but then I get a mean look in my eye & tie it again. “Remember how you knew I wanted to get pregnant but you denied me? Well now I’m going to deny you air.” I tell you to stop screaming you’ll just use up your air faster. I say goodnight, stare at you while I watch you run out of air, then get up. I pause to stand by the bed to make sure this is what I want. I nod, smile & say “I have a busy week… with a shower AND a funeral to plan.”

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