Little sisters ass had me grindamphump it

Little sisters ass had me grindamphump it - ImMeganLive SD mp4 6

Little sisters ass had me grindamphump it - ImMeganLive SD mp4 7

My little sister was trying her new yoga pants and she was in the doggy style position as she was trying some exercise when I walked in. She didn’t notice me until later because she had headphones on. I was watching her and conflicted. After all, she is my sister! Damn do I admire the view in front of me! So I come up with the no so brilliant plan to try and wank one quietly and let no one be the wiser. I undo my pants and begin to jerk myself off while staring at her ass. She backs her ass up and accidentally grind right into my cock! She turns around in shock and tells me “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” I was extremely embarrassed! She then started to tease me about the fact that she is my sister and how taboo this is! She finally give up saying something like she just bought these new yoga pants “so fine do whatever you want to my ass, just don’t cum on the pants!” Getting the green light, I take the helm at first and grinds against her clothed ass cheeks dry humping her yoga pants. She remind me again not to cum on the pants so I pull them down and accidentally takes her panties down with them giving a nice view of her butthole and pussy too. She calls me a pervert, she never expected ne to go so far but she went along with it still. I continue the ass grinding and dry humping this time on her bare ass cheeks. She starts to get into it now too, pushing her ass back into me and helping the grinding just as much. She reason that this is still some pretty good exercise, who knows when her dumb brother will finally cum so she might as well get some yoga in. Eventually she takes full control and are doing most of the grinding, rubbing her ass all over my cock. Eventually I cum from the sensation of your ass over my cock – no hands or anything just from the frotting alone – and cum all over her ass. “Oh my god!” you are in total disbelief. Did he really just cum on his sister?” she said! Then she teased me again! And finally, she realized that some of my cum was dripping on her pants.oh god was she mad at me! She made me buy a new pair.but all of this was totally worth it! I came so hard and she grinds like a pro! She shook her head in disbelief and went back to doing the yoga poses with my cum covered bare ass sticking out. Royalty Free Music ONLY in the trailer (Detective Spy Music by No Copyright Music

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