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Thanks for the water… but it tastes kind of weird. Do you guys just have different water in your state? I mean, I guess it does kind of taste different in other places…
Anyway, yeah– I’m here for an interview? I just got to town. I have a brand new agent– he said you guys had a pretty big part for me? That you were friends?
Oh… you have to get paperwork? Ok.. I’ll just wait here.
Um… hey… is it getting hotter in here? I’m starting to feel a little funny…. Do you have air conditioning?
I don’t know what’s wrong with me….I just… I feel…so…good…. Oh my god…I feel amazing right now…
I’m so sorry, this is unprofessional– but are you single? You are? I’m not… but I’m so horny right now I don’t care!
Wow! I don’t know where that came from! I just mean to say… I really…really want to fuck you right now. Are you interested? I’m just…. I can’t help but think about you cumming inside of me.
The thought of possibly getting pregnant right now is seriously turning me on! Please, will you fuck me?

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