Transformed into Ludella's Vampire Slave HD

Star works as a newspaper reporter and has been set up to interview a “real life vampire,” but she doesn’t believe in vampires. In fact, she thinks it’s outrageous that the paper makes her do this kind of thing every year around Halloween, and so far every “vampire” has been a hack. She believes it’s all just bored goth pretending to drink each other’s . There’s no such thing as real vampires. Nonetheless, she has a job to do.

“Come in!” Star instructs when there’s a knock at the door. The vampire Ludella arrives fashionably late, and when Star points this out in her sarcastic tone, Ludella decides to partake in some playful banter making fun of the vampire stereotypes, “Oh, I had to wait for the sun to set…” She grins mischievously at her soon to be prey. “Mind if I make myself comfortable?” She removes her trenchcoat to reveal she’s wearing nothing but black lingerie. “How typical,” Star remarks.

Finding it quite fun that Star is so skeptical, Ludella decides to to prove to her the powers and perks of being a vampire. She waves her hand, entrancing the skeptical Star almost instantly, who stares blankly as Ludella brainwashes her. Not only will Star believe in vampires, but Ludella will transform her into one. She has complete power over her and Star must obey. In fact, Star will love it.

Ludella instructs her to remove her dress, and she does so obediently. Her persona has changed from that of a jaded skeptic, to someone who takes pleasure in pleasing her Master. Ludella can’t help but to be turned on by this, and straddles the obedient girl. Caressing, stripping, moaning, enjoying, they remove bras and play with each other’s tits. Ludella tells Star to suck on her nipples, and she does so with a hunger in her eyes. When at last Ludella can no longer take it and her greed has overtaken her, she pushes Star down onto her back, feeling her pulse rising. She smells delicious. Ludella bites into her neck and drinks, gyrating her body as she does. It feels so good, for them both, and the more Ludella drinks, the more ecstasy Star feels…until she climaxes…

Ludella pulls away, leaving her just barely alive. Now she’ll transform her. She bites into her own wrist and puts it up to Star’s lips, instructing her to drink, and she does so, wildly, with intense passion and greed. Ludella tells her to stop, but she won’t let go till Ludella pulls away with force, and then the pain begins. Ludella tells her that her human soul is passing, but it will pass and her fangs will grow. She caresses her face as Star’s teeth grow into sharp fangs. The process is finished.

Ludella helps her new vampire slave up, caressing her. “I’m so hungry…” Star moans. “I know, and we will get you something to eat. I know the perfect way to do it. You will write your story, but you will do it in such a way that people will want to come meet a real life vampire. And then we can have all the food that we want… Now, write, my pet.” Ludella leaves her new slave to finish her job, now that her tune has changed.

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