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Includes: Lyra Louvel, manipulative son, forced stripping, dancing, spanking, cum in mouth, and a creampie.

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The sound of mom vacuuming and singing lured me out of my bedroom. Mom loves to clean when she’s been drinking and usually she gets tipsy enough to listen to music and dance. I love to watch her hips sway left to right in her tight dresses, my eyes fixate on her neckline as she leans over to get under the sofa and she sings, vacuums, and trips over her heels. The scotch glass she was drinking from falls to the floor and shatters into a thousand pieces. She gasps, her eyes wide in horror as she realizes that Dad’s antique glass is shattered. She calls out for me.

Lyra Louvel - Desperate Mommy Gets Blackmailed II HD (720p/ 9

I soothe her concern, we both know how scary Dad can be when he is angry, and I tell her that “the neighbor has the same German antique glass, with the infinity symbol etched in the bottom.” I’m good friends with the guy’s son.. and then I catch myself, stop and think. This could be an excellent opportunity to get what I want from my mother, what I’ve always dreamed about. She’s a little tipsy too, it shouldn’t be too difficult to use her distress to my advantage.

Just as she is relaxing, I tell her there is going to be a major problem with buying the glass, and replacing it isn’t an option, I’ll have to steal it from him, but I’m going to want some things in advance. Mom is shocked that her son would want something in return for an act of kindness. She’s desperate, and I have convinced her to dance for me, with a little more convincing she is taking off her clothes. My mom’s perfect heart-shaped ass is begging to be spanked, and she tearfully bends over, her green eyes full of shame as I spank her ass, *whap, whap, whap!* I watch her face, the cotton gusset of her panties, as I spank her ass. I feel a tremendous amount of power as my mom’s emerald green eyes plead with me to end it, but also to keep going. I can tell she is horny, her panties are getting wet. I take out my cock, and she hardly protests, she knows what she needs to do.

Lyra Louvel - Desperate Mommy Gets Blackmailed II HD (720p/ 10

My mom sucks my cock with her eyes fixated on mine. It takes every ounce of control to keep from cumming as soon as her tongue dances on the tip of my cock, I let her head bob up and down on my cock, sucking me until I cum into her pretty mouth. I watch my cum leak out of her lips and onto her breasts. I’m not done with her yet. I own her tonight.

She bends over, as instructed, my own personal fuck doll as I tease her slit with my cock. Her body shows me that she wants it as I grab her ass and let my cock sink in deep, my hips are against her ass and I thrust into her deep. She twitches, moans, tries to hold back her pleasure, she gasps, and I continue to plunge into her wet, yielding, pussy. She reminds me that she’s my mother and it brings me over the edge. I cum deep inside of her and I swear to God I saw her smile. I tell her the deal. “I’ll get the glass, but you’re going to let me fuck you whenever Dad leaves,” she nods in agreement.

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