Make Him Jealous - Spencer Bradley, Chad Alva FullHD 1080p

Make Him Jealous - Spencer Bradley, Chad Alva FullHD 1080p 4

Stepsister Spencer (Bradley) enters the kitchen dressed in a provocative, revealing evening dress, and begins gossiping with her brother Chad (Alva) about the activities of her ex-boyfriend Billy. She’s seen him in public dating a beautiful blonde and wonders if Chad knows what gives. Chad isn’t interested in such gossip and tells his stepsister to go change into a respectable outfit, at once. With a big smile, she toasts him, raising her glass.

Chad responds: “It’s 7 a.m. It’s way too early for a dress like that”. Posing in front of him she requests: “Won’t you take a few photos of me out on the patio?” Chad begs off, needing to go to work as he’s traded shifts with Billy. Later, Spencer is in the living room, casually dressed in jeans taking selfies with a professional camera setup. She’s excited when Chad agrees to take the requested photos of her, though he’s anything but enthusiastic about it. After snapping a few shots, he’s ready to wrap it up, when Spencer says: “I need you to sit on the couch next to me and put your arm around me, to act like you’re my boyfriend”. “I know you’re just trying to use me to make him jealous. I’m not down for your games -you know Billy is a really good friend of mine”, Chad replies. Spencer wears down his resistance, bringing up the times when they were growing up that she took the heat for things he did, like a fender-bender accident with the family car, so he wouldn’t face the wrath of dad. After Chad takes a few shots, with his head not visible in the frame, she suddenly removes her shirt. She explains, in a sultry voice: “You’re supposed to be my man, not my brother”. She places Chad’s hand across her chest, noting: “It’s sexy, and intimate”. She seductively changes her position, and finally her stepbrother has had enough: “Look, you don’t need Billy. You don’t need to be taking all these pictures with your bra -you’re gonna find someone else, I swear”. “Don’t lie to me. I could feel your cock throb, on my hands”, she purrs. Chad gets up off the couch angrily and is set to leave. “It’s okay to be turned on by me. We’re just pretending like you’re my boyfriend, not my brother. It’s just pretend”, she says. “Let’s just take the photo. If you don’t like it, I won’t send it (to Billy)”, she claims. Chad agrees and drops his pants. Spencer shoots some photos, with her face pressed against the bulge in his briefs. For a better photo, she asks Chad to look away, as she takes out his big cock and holds it against her cheek for the next shot. She licks his cock, and declares: “I just felt it twitch in my hand”. After considerable teasing, she takes his cock in her mouth. She starts stripping off her underwear, and declares: “This is giving me a few other ideas. I want to go a little further with pretend”. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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