Making a Man – Chad Alva, Cory Chase HD 720p

Making a Man - Chad Alva, Cory Chase HD 720p

It’s the nineteenth birthday of stepson (Chad Alva), and that night his mom (Cory Chase) knocks on his bedroom door and enters, announcing: “You can’t go to sleep without getting your birthday present from your stepmother”. She’s wearing a multicolored robe and while wearing her glasses as usual, she still looks glamorous and projects a warm personality. She leans over to kiss him and Chad asks: “So, where’s the gift?”. Cory makes it clear to him that it’s not a tangible gift like a videogame, but something better, something special. Hours earlier made a wish and blew out the candles on his cake, and mom thinks she knows what he wished for. She chides him a bit on his still remaining a virgin at this late date, but she’s intent on putting an end to that, pronto. “I know what you wished for the most”, she says as she undoes the sash of her robe, revealing a satin slip underneath. Cory talks of her son falling in love with a girl, which would put mom into second place in his heart. “That’s never gonna happen. You’ll always be first to me”, Chad insists. Cory is intent on making love to him, saying: “Just let mommy do this once. Than it’ll give you the confidence to pursue other women”, and she removes her robe and climbs atop Chad on his bed, starting to grind away. He reaches up to grab her breast through the slip, and she murmur: “That’s it, my big boy”. Cory removes her slip, revealing her large, full breasts close to his face, purring: “I can feel how hard you are for me”. She recalls how Chad would often peep at her: taking a shower or when dressing. And she’s especially proud of how he never told his dad on her, after he saw her having sex with another man and she saw Chad responding to the sight by stroking his cock. “Right then and there I knew your loyalty was with me, and I am so appreciative”, she notes, leaning over to kiss Chad lustily.. Cory pulls down the bed covers and then removes Chad’s underpants, revealing his big cock. “Now tell me, did you wish to have mommy’s lips around your cock?”, she asks. She takes the tip of his dick in her mouth and begins to lick and suck it. “I’ll take it slow, baby, I know it’s your first time”, she whispers. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:41:29
Size: 372 Mb

aincest – 40570 Cory Chase Making a Man.mp4

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