Making A Mess - Clarke Kent, Kyler Quinn FullHD 1080p

Making A Mess - Clarke Kent, Kyler Quinn FullHD 1080p 4

Stepfather Clarke Kent arrives home, only to find his daughter’s clothing including her underwear strewn all over the living room. He’s aghast, but also turned on at the sight, and when he goes to find her, sees Kyler (Quinn) asleep in bed, her bare ass visible from the doorway. Entering her bedroom with a knock, it wakes her up, and Kyler looks at her phone and exclaims: “It’s almost noon, the whole day’s almost gone! I made a mess, didn’t I?”. She continues, sheepishly: “I guess I might have had a little bit too much fun last night”. She asks about mom, who’s been going out a lot and wonders if daddy feels lonely. She asks him not to tell mom, while noting: “I am a good girl. I never bring any of the guys home or get into any trouble. I just like to let off a little steam every now and again”. “My mom’s always had terrible taste in men, but you’re not like any of the guys she’s brought home. If I had a man like you, I would constantly be on my knees, showing him how much I needed him”, she flirts. Kyler removes her shirt to put on a new one, escalating her come-on to stepdaddy, but he waves her off and turns to leave the bedroom: “Wait! How about you come and party with me and my friends sometime. They would really love you, but I don’t think I could share”, she laughs, and puts his hand on her naked breast, noting “Big hands”. “That feels good, daddy”, she purrs, as Clarke kneads her breast, but then suddenly turns again toward the door. “What, you’re going to get me all worked up, and then leave?”, she asks. She chides him for always looking at her and Clarke cannot resist fondling her again. “Do I make you hard?”, she asks. He slips his hand inside her panties and begins gently rubbing her pussy. “Do I make you harder than mommy does?”, she whispers. “Do you know what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her”, she confides. Kyler kneels down on the floor before him and undoes stepdaddy’s pants, with his big cock popping out, fully erect. Laughing at the sight, she murmurs: “I think we should leave the door open, and if she comes home, she’ll catch us”, as she grabs his cock and kisses it, before taking it in her mouth. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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