Mama Fiona

You have been hanging out with your hott aunt all day and apparently It’s having some sort of it effect on you! You’re getting a boner just by being around me and seeing my perky tits in my cute dress. Buttttt being the good/naughty aunt I am, i feel that it’s my duty to show you what to do when that happens. First we test a few things to make your boner spring up again so that I can teach you how to get rid of it. I also want to teach you a couple of other things… things that you can do with those hands and tongue! And what I can do with mine as well. You cum really quick of course but don’t worry – auntie will get you hard again in no time. I have you lick my pussy through my panties and I realize you’re so good that I would rather just have your wet tongue directly on my clit. Fuck!! Idk how you got so good at this but you make your hott Auntie CUM!!!! That turns me on so much that my lil nephew made me cum so fast that I decide its time to really go to town on your cock. I suck you off and beg for your load all over my tongue face and titties! CUM ALL OVER ME NEPHEW! Wow pls don’t tell your mom about this because I definitely want to do this again… I like giving my nephew sexy little lessons!

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