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You’re supposed be getting ready for your Auntie’s funeral but you have a splitting headache. Mom walks into the kitchen telling you she’s almost ready to go and…”why are you still in your pajamas and… watching cartoons!?” You tell her that you don’t feel well and she asks you if you are too upset to go. That it’ll be okay, it’ll be good for you to see family. “No, mom..I want to go, just my head really hurts.” Mom goes to the cupboard and reaches up on her tiptoes to reach the extra strength Aleve, she’s feeling around while talking and doesn’t notice she grabs the wrong bottle. “Here, go ahead and just take 2, and then go get dressed. We are already running late.”

Mom walks into your room all dressed and ready to go. “Honey, why are you not dressed yet, did the Aleve not work?”..”Yes, my headache is gone but….” “Great, well lets go!” Its hard to explain to your mom about your hard throbbing erection. You tell her that you that something else has happened and point down to the crotch of your pants. She’s shocked. “What…how…why…honey, we are supposed to be going to a funeral!…well, just..take care of it!” You tell you have tried but nothing is really working. Mom stares at you for a moment and then gets a look on her face like she just realized something. “Honey, you stay right here, I’ll be right back!”

Mom runs downstairs…”oh God no, please no..” She reaches up into the cabinet to find that she accidentally gave you a double dose of Viagra instead of Aleve!! She takes both pills into her hands, they look almost identical! “Oh fuck, oh fuck!!!” and then thinks for a moment…”Its ok…I can fix this” and runs back up to your room

“How do you feel?”….”Um, its still hurts a little and bigger than ever” Mom looks worried and a little embarrassed..”I might have given you something on accident..” You start to panic.. Mother tells you its okay but she gave you a very large dose of Viagra and that she cant leave you like this especially if you cant ‘take care of it’..”Well you are 18 now, don’t you know what to do…to make THAT go away?” “Mom!, I’ve tried!” She tells you everything will be fine and that she’ll take care of it and gets on her knees to comes over to you. You start to pull away..”Mom, what are you doing?” “Its okay, I’m just going to help you. How about I look away and you just focus…come on..isn’t that Mommy Fetish a big thing right now..I see it all over .” She pulls out your throbbing cock and before you can argue her hand is stroking you and feels incredible. You begin to moan..Mom continues…She pulls down her top..”Mom, what are you doing?” She tells you that maybe looking at her boobs will help. “Honey, I’m just trying to help…just please focus we have to get to the funeral!”

Hand job leads to blowjob…and its still not getting you close. She pulls down her panties, leans over the chair, slaps her backside and tells you just to do it. “Come on baby, its okay. Lets just get ‘er done!” The idea does sound awesome so you plunge your throbbing cock inside mother. She moans and pushes against you. You are thrusting in and out of mother until she cums. That gets you really close and you tell her that you are going to cum. She turns around and jerks your cock until you unload all over her face. She’s not convinced that your balls are empty and sucks on your cock to make sure that her efforts have done the trick. “You must not tell anyone what happened…This has to stay a secret.” “I know mom, thank you.” She wipes your cum off her face and tells you to hurry up and get ready, giggling as she leaves the room.

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