Mandy Flores – Mom trying to help out her little Son FullHD 1080p

Mandy Flores - Mom trying to help out her little Son FullHD 1080p

Mom And Son Kissing Lessons cum in mouth ends up going a little further than planned…. You’re sitting on the couch when your son joins you. In a very normal and casual manner you ask him about his day and how it’s going with that girl that he’s been hanging out with lately. He explains it’s not really going anywhere because he doesn’t dare take the first step, he feels insecure about himself due to his lack of experience. Due to this he then carefully starts asking you for a BIG favor: He’s never been with a girl in any capacity before and wants you to teach him how to kiss a girl. You act naturally surprised and a bit shocked, but he says it won’t mean anything, he just wants to learn. You’re the only woman he can trust to do this with since you’ve been living alone together for so long and it would be easy to just carry on as normal afterwards. You say you’ll have to think about it. Later, you’re drinking a big glass of wine and then decide to go to your son’s room and sit next to him on the side of the bed. You say you’ll do it because you just want him to feel comfortable with girls in the future but “that’s it! A one time thing and you can’t tell anyone that we did this.” You initiate and start kissing him without tongue, slowly and softly. After a while you stop as your son suggests to try kissing with tongue now. Again this goes slowly but after a while starts heating up more and more until you both let out small moans. You break it off when suddenly your son puts one of his hands on your breast. He apologizes and you say that it’s ok, things just got a little heated so you quickly leave the room. That night, you are wearing your favorite nightwear lying on your bed, touching yourself. You wonder to yourself what the hell you are doing, but then you carry on touching yourself faster, whispering his name multiple times until quickly having an orgasm. After that you go and enter his room again, you sit next to him on the bed and you both apologize for what happened yesterday but you say you enjoyed it and it’s ok if he wants to practice kissing again… or maybe other things. Hesitant at first, your son says he would like to feel what a blowjob would be like. He explains he’s afraid that the first bj he gets with another girl, he would cum too fast and the girl would make fun of him, but he trusts you. You ask him if he’s sure and he says yes. You kneel on the floor in front of him and pull his pants and boxers down. You then stroke his cock a bit. He then asks you if he can see your breasts cause he always wanted to know what they looked like. You unbutton your shirt and take your breasts out of your bra so he can feel them a little bit. After a few seconds, you quietly say “Oh Daniel” and go for it and take it all in. He lets out small moans, but nothing too loud. He then asks you to slow down because he doesn’t wanna cum yet. You slowly stroke his dick until he gives you the ok to keep going. After a while, he says he can’t hold back any longer as he cums in your mouth. You let out a bit of a surprised noise, but then you make sure you clean him up with your mouth afterwards.

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Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:20:00
Size: 1732 Mb

aincest – 32886 Mom And Son Kissing Lessons.mp4

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