Mommy Teaches You To Masturbate FullHD mp4

You had to stay home from going on a trip with all your friends due to a major pain in your groin area that you have been having. I come into your room to wake you up from a nap and just got off the phone with the doctor who told me why you are having this pain. I feel awkward but I come into your room and tell you that the reason you are in pain is because you are “backed up”. Trying to find out what your “masturbating habits” are, I come to realize that it seems you are not masturbating at all. Which concerns me because this is the reason that you are in all this pain. I had just assumed that you were already doing this. I tell you that you need to start and you refuse but it’s the doctor’s orders and you need to listen to the medical advice given. You are refusing to do so which leaves me with no other choice then to make you. I grab your laptop and start trying to find something that you will be into. You don’t watch videos but you are into amateur girls on “Big Boobs Gone Wild” Reddit. We sit at the edge of the bed where I go through all the girls on there with you and tell you to take your pants off and start stroking so that we can drain your balls. I see your cock for the first time and I am shocked at how large it is. It seems as if you are not sure how to do the act of masturbating so I take your hand in mine and begin coaching you on how to stroke your cock. Once I think you get the hang of it I let go. It seems you are more interested in my boobs then the girls on the computer and seeing that you are throbbing and in so much pain, I decide to expose my breasts to you to help you cum. I tell you this is a one time occurrence and you have to learn how to do this by yourself eventually. So I suck my tits for you. But that is not enough for you to orgasm. So I let you suck on my tits. Which still isn’t making you cum. So I decide to let my tits hang and crawl to you where I turn into your dirty little slutty slave mom. I titfuck you until you release an enormous load all over my tits, face and hair.

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