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Mr. Rogers has always had an eye for me. I’ve been babysitting for him ever since I was a . He likes to put his hands on my every once and a while…not in a creepy way or anything…just the odd little thing…like his hands lingering on mine when he hands me my babysitting money or whatever. I think he had a little too much to drink tonight though because when him and Mrs. Rogers came home from dinner he asked me to do something really bad. Mrs. Rogers went up to have a bath and he asked me if I would suck his cock for $100 bucks. Jesus…what a dick move. He is pretty hot though…for an older guy. Well I decide to give him the best blow job he’s ever had. But it’s going to cost him a lot more than $100 bucks. I tell him he can’t touch me, and I tie his hands up behind his head. I slide my hands all up and down his swollen cock. He moans. He loves my young mouth…my supple young body. I tease him with my tongue, I squeeze his cock…his body trembles as I command his dick. This asshole needs to be taught a lesson. So when he cums I continue to wrench on his cock. He screams. I know Mrs. Rogers can hear him now. I violently jerk him. Up and down and up and down until his face turns blue. I torture the fucker’s sensitive cock until it goes soft, then I wipe his filthy cum all over him and leave him there tied to the chair. I wonder what Mrs. Rogers will say about that?
Clip Contains: An intensely hot and risky blowjob fron Babysitter Meana. She tortures Mr. Rogers’ cock after he cums leaving him there to explain why he’s tied up and covered in his own jizz.

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