Melanie Hicks, Luke Longly – Beat Cops – Send Back Up – Static – Rescue at any moment FullHD mp4 [1080/c4s]

Melanie Hicks, Luke Longly - Beat Cops - Send Back Up

“I could use some backup here” Officer Hicks radios. All she hears back is static. Something doesn’t feel right about this. Just then a pair of hands grabs her from behind. Her body quivers in horror as a rag is put over her face. This has happened to her before, and it haunts her every waking moment as her worst nightmare. Now it’s happening again!
She wakes cuffed with a pointed at her. The man stands over her in complete control and commands her to strip. With her hands bound she takes off her clothes, hoping that backup will arrive and save her. He gropes her soft exposed body before violating her mouth with his cock. Hicks is so angry she screams in frustration, pushed to the couch and spread like a whore. Her body is free use to fuck and she’s never felt dirtier or more slutty in her life as the man fucks her roughly.

Melanie Hicks, Luke Longly - Beat Cops - Send Back Up

She grunts and screams in fury, unable to control herself as the man chokes her and fucks her. “Let me go, why do you do this to women!” She yells at him. The cock continues to pound into her raw pussy. “You’re not going to get away with this” Hicks yells, sure that backup is going to be pulling in at any second.
She’s fucked in every position around the room. It’s not about pleasure for him, it’s about the humiliation he gives to the uppity police officer. Making her feel powerless in his strong grip and wrecking her. He makes her get on her knees and open her mouth like a whore and completes her transformation from officer to slut with a big load of revenge in her mouth. She spits out his disgusting cum and is left broken, used and naked.

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Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duratio: 00:23:06
Size: 1378 Mb

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