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You loved that your girlfriend was passionate about her job. She got to travel the world as a flight attendant, and what you loved so much about her was that you knew you could trust her, no matter where in the world she was. Tomorrow your parents are coming in to town, and you know it’s the right time to pop the question. You’ve had the engagement ring for months, you just needed the courage to ask. The thing is, she’s known about the ring for a while, and it’s made her question everything.does she really want to be tied down forever and ever? When she gets booked on a private flight with two handsome business men, she can’t help but let her anxiety get the best of her and well. she can’t let you propose tomorrow without telling you the truth. The thing you’re more certain than ever.
XOXO Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your soon to be fiance can’t let you propose before you hear her Mile High Confession. She’s a first class flight attendant, and that means no man on the plane leaves unsatisfied.

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