Mind Under Master Aria Valencia - Just a Taste FullHD 1080p

Mind Under Master Aria Valencia - Just a Taste FullHD 1080p 4

Another summer day, another young lady on her way to the beach. Sexy 19year old Aria Valencia is used to drivers being creepy so she just ignores him until th smell hits her. When she realizes its him she can’t help but go in for a sniff…then a kiss…then a lick. She’s never done this before and she doesn’t understand what’s come over her, but soon she sucking on his fingers and begging to go back to his place.

Once there, she’s all over him kissing him, sucking on this tongue and then he asks if she could rub his cock. JUST rubbing. She agrees that’s fair, he is making her feel REALLY good. But soon he’s asking if she’ll take it out and stroke it…worried where he might go she pushes back. “You just said rubbing”, but agrees to JUST stroke him as they go back to kissing. He plays with her tits and squeezes her ass and points out, if tasting him feels good she could taste him as much as she wants if she sucks his cock. “Or I could just take you to the beach” quickly her hesitation fades and starts to suck his cock. “It’s like you’re addicted” he points out and from her knees she agrees, “I’m SO addicted. I don’t know what it is….” But he knows. He knows she’ll do anything to keep tasting him as she begs to stay at his place. She’ll be his little slave, she’ll do anything he tells her to do. And there’s so much to do with this sexy submissive little slut, but using her mouth will do for now…

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