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Psychologist Brooklyn Chase has decided to take on a new client who believes he can “control minds”. She asks him to prove it by making her do something, but when nothing happens she sighs and explains that he’s just confused. “There’s no such thing a telepathy” she explains as she uncrosses her legs briefly flashing her panties.

She crosses the room to give him a quick examination. “Is there any soreness?” she asks as she lets her hand roam over his chest. Quick flashes of he being pleasured in fade her mind. She shakes it off and continues, “Follow my finger” she says as she tests his eye movement. His eyes…something about them, “You have such beautiful eyes,” she extols, “I could just stare at them all day”.

Next she leans in close to his ear “Does my voice sound clear?” she asks before breathing in his scent deeply. “God you smell good” she moans before moving to his mouth. “Please open” she seductively says as she runs her finger over his mouth, “Any discomfort?” she asks but doesn’t even wait for an answers “Here does this help?” She kisses his open mouth tenderly, but he doesn’t even attempt to his back. “Mmm, you taste so good”, She jumps back realizing what she’s doing. “I don’t know what came over me, I’m married”

Quick flashes of his mouth on her tits hit her mind. “You’re not controlling my mind” she explains as she unbuttons her blouse, “because this is what I want, not what you want”. She exposes her big tits as his hand reaches up and plays with one, “Do you like how that feels? Please don’t tell anyone about this,” she pleads as she mounts him. “Please suck on my tits,” she begs, “please enjoy my body.”

[ASMR] She feeds him her giant breast one at a time, placing her nipple in his mouth and moaning with pleasure as he sucks. The sound of his suckling and lip smacking drives her to greater and greater height of ecstasy. “My tits belong to you” says desperately, ” please keep sucking, I need it. Please I’m so close, I’ll do anything.” She smothers him as he sucks, her huge tits practically covering his entire face. “Please, master” she calls him without thinking, “Please I need to cum. I need to feel your face buried between my big soft tits”. She grinds against him harder smothering his face more and more as she climaxes just from having her tits sucked. “I’ve never done that before, but there’s just something about you” she explains, “And no, it’s not mind control”.

A few days later she finds herself leaving this stranger a voice mail, “It’s Dr. Chase again. It’s been a couple of days and I wanted to see if you’d like another session. Call me back and we’ll schedule something” she practically begs into her phone.

Now a few weeks later she’s completely on edge as she send him a video, “Its Dr. Chase again I thought maybe a reminder of last time would entice you for another session” she says as she unbuttons her shirt and begs for him to come back. “Please come play with my tits master, please let me milk you with them. Please I’ll do anything.” This time it works.

She crawls towards him in black lingerie as he sits patiently on her sofa. “Thank you for letting me serve you again master,” she says as she kneels before him taking off his shoes. “This is all I’ve been able to think about master. Being on my knees looking up t you, nothing else matters. Not my husband, not my job, just you master. Just lay back and let me take care of you. I promise to be a perfect fucktoy for your pleasure”.

She obediently licks and suck his cock, worshiping every inch as she praises him. She remove his pants and continues to pleasure him with her mouth, thanking him for the honor as she submissively talks dirty. “This is where I belong. Not with my husband but with you master. With your cock in my mouth. I worship you master. I need you. I need your cock in my mouth. My mouth and body belong to you master. I live to make you feel good. My purpose is to bring you pleasure.

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