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Hannah couldn’t stand her stepdad. He was always trying to win her over with stupid gifts, so when he gave her a meditation lamp for her eighteenth birthday she just rolled her eyes.

He told her to think about what she wanted most in the world while she stared into the light. “I wish my stepdad would fall in love with another woman and leave my mom”. A strange sound hummed from the lamp and she could almost hear a voice say, “As you wish”.

Soon she was hearing a voice more clearly…it sounded like her own. “You are in love with your stepfather” it called.

“No I hate him,” Hannah said resistantly.

“You get wet just thinking about him….”

“Why am I so wet?” Hannah asks not even realizing that her hand and slipped into her tight little shorts. She moans out as the sounds and voice take hold of her mind. She can’t look away. She can’t stop touching herself.

“You want to seduce him”

“I want to seduce him”

“You’ll do anything to please him”

“I’ll do anything to please him”

“Because you love your daddy”

“Because I love my daddy”

“Your eighteen year old body belongs to daddy”

“My Eighteen year old body belongs to daddy”

“Now cum for your daddy”

Hannah lay there all night cumming over and over again as she thought of how she would seduce her stepfather. How she wanted to pleasure him. To make him happy.

The next day while mom was out Hannah hugged her stepdad tight thanking him for the gift. “I’m so lucky to have you as my stepfather, thank you daddy” she whispered as she held him. “Is ok if I call you daddy?” she asked before leaning up on her tiptoes and kissing him.

He puts his hands up in protest but she just continues, “Please daddy, mommy’s not home” she whispers between kisses “I just want to make you happy”. Soon her little hand is rubbing his hard cock and he’s finding it more difficult to resist. Her mother hasn’t touched him in weeks and her young body felt so good. “I love you daddy” she whispers pulling his cock out.

“Does that feel good daddy?” she asks as he gets closer and closer to cumming. “Mom won’t know daddy” she begs as she tries to milk the cum from his balls. Suddenly the front door opens, he mom is home! Hannah runs off and her stepdad shoves his hard-on back in his pants.

But later that night after mom is asleep she sneaks downstairs to find her daddy sleeping on the sofa. She gentle lays her little eighteen year old body on him, rousing him away. “Its ok daddy, mommy’s asleep” she reassures him before she starts kissing him. Licking him with the tongue ring he hadn’t even noticed until earlier that day.

He had no idea what had gotten into her. Was she setting him up? Was she honestly that enamored with the gift? As the flowed to his cock none of that mattered, he wasn’t going to be able to resist. He let his hand drift up under the tiny school girl skirt she was wearing and squeezed her firm little ass as her hand began to play with his growing cock once again.

His wife was sound asleep upstairs as his eighteen year old stepdaughter began to pleasure him with her mouth. He had never know the pleasure a tongue ring would add, let alone how skilled his stepdaughter would be. “You deserve so much more than my mom” she confessed as she licked and caressed his cock with loving attention. “I love you daddy” she said staring up at him with her pretty blue eyes.

She sucked and stroked him, making him feel so good, but she needed to know he loved her. So she begged and begged for him to cum, for him to let her know she was a good girl. To show her how much he loved her. To make her wish come true and to steal him from her mom.

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