Mind Under Master Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar - Jessica and Lily - Intmacy Creations Part 1 B FullHD 1080p

Mind Under Master Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar - Jessica and Lily - Intmacy Creations Part 1 B FullHD 1080p 4

You slip on the new Intimacy Creations headset and lay back as it scans your brainwaves. Colors fade in and out as the sound of two voices vibrate in your ears. They tell you this is all a fantasy, to let go of any inhibitions you might have so the device can bring your subconscious desires into reality. The colors begin to take female form as the voices seek out your triggers. What type of woman do you want? What’s your fantasy? You don’t need to answer, the headset already knows. You desire intimate, personal attention. Where all of the focus is on your needs and only your needs. You do so much for other people, but who takes care of you? Lily and Jessica want to do that for you. They want to give you everything you need and ask for nothing in return. Forget about your wife. Forget about your job, You can feel their hands on your chest now, the wetness of their lips as they gently kiss up your neck. Let go and enjoy being loved and worshipped like you deserve.

Lily can be your seductive little stepdaughter and Jessica is her cheer coach. They both have a secret they need to tell you…they’re both in love with you. Let them show you just how much they adore you as they take turns giving you a BLOW JOB, while the other one kisses you. Lily promises she won’t tell her step-mom, Jessica is happy to be your secret little sex slave. Anything for you. Lily asks if you’ll be her first as she climbs on top of you, slipping you into her tight 18year old pussy. She grinds on you in COWGIRL. Her innocent eyes looking into yours. Jessica kisses your neck as you look up at your stepdaughter, they beg to please you. Lily wants to hear you say you love her, and you do. It makes her so happy to hear as she cums on her step-daddy’s cock. Jessica climbs on next and they sandwich you, whispering their love and devotion until you fuck each of them in DOGGIE. With each thrust they promise you total devotion and unconditional love. What about other women? Lily sees the way you look at her friends, they could bring the whole cheer team to you. They’ll all love you. Imagine all their tight bodies wrapped around you, giving you the pleasure you deserve. You can’t take it any more and fill Jessica’s mouth with your cum. Are you sure you want to stop? Why not download the Harem expansion pack and continue the fun?

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