Mind Under Master Myra Moans - Trance Therapy FullHD 1080p c4s 6

Mind Under Master Myra Moans - Trance Therapy FullHD 1080p c4s 7

1st Act: Myra Moans just started college and is suffering from insomnia. Thankfully the good doctor has seen this before and after some trance suggestions, he recommends Cuddle Therapy. Myra spoons up against the doctor and finds her hips beginning to move on their own as she grinds against him. At first she’s embarrassed, but the doctor tells her to do whatever it takes to get comfortable. He holds her close as she grinds faster and harder against him, begging to cum and when he gives her permission its the best orgasm of her life and she finds herself at total peace.

2nd Act: Myra shows up already in comfy close ready for some cuddling. The doctor puts her into a trance while she’s wrapped around his body. She confesses to thinking about him ALL week and how badly she wants to please him. She strokes his cock begging for his cum as he own climax seems to depend on his. Once he cums she cums with him and its somehow even better than before.

3rd Act: Myra is dressed in a sexy dress begging to go right into cuddle therapy even though her programming isn’t finished. He tells her to look into the light and they’ll do both at the same time. He lifts up her dress and pulls down her panties as she falls into a trance. [All Simulated sex] Her fucks her from behind as he programs her. She’ll do anything, anytime, anywhere to please him. The old her is completely gone now and all that remains is a fuckdoll for the doctor. She climbs on top of him and grinds before he lays her down and fucks her missionary. She begs him to cum inside her, even though she’s not on the pill. He stops. Might be a little too risky. So he tells her to suck the cum out of him and she happily obeys her master.

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