Molly Darling

Your daughter has come to ask you what those strange noises were coming from your room last night… she heard you and Mommy doing something weird.. She wants to know what you were doing. You hesitate to tell her.. but when she keeps pushing, you decide rather than tell will show her. As long as she doesn’t tell Mom. She’s so excited to finally learn and be grown up.. and will do everything you say. She’s incredibly naive and believes that this is something all Daddy’s do with their daughters. Knowing how easily you can manipulate her makes your cock hard. You get her to pull her knickers down and show you her tight young pussy. She is eager to please you. She rubs her clit and fingers herself for you. You get your throbbing cock out and tell her how to lick it, like a lollypop. It’s so big compared to her small mouth that she struggles to fit it inside, but she tries her best for Daddy. Mom really wouldn’t be happy knowing your sweet daughter has her Daddy’s big cock in her mouth. She climbs on top of you and you instruct her to spit on her fingers and use it for lube. You’re going to teach her how to fuck. Your huge cock fills her tight virgin pussy, but she loves the feeling of it. You push her onto her hands and knees and fuck her doggy.. her huge round ass bouncing on your cock. You feel like you’re going to cum. She’s so excited to learn about cumming.. and wants you to do it inside of her. She will let you cum anywhere, not like her Mom. Your sweet daughter is going to be the perfect slut for you. You creampie her pussy and it all drips out.. but she wants even more! She strokes your cock and tells you that she wants to taste your cum too. You shoot a big load into her mouth and she absolutely loves it.

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Last Update: May 25, 2024