Mom Hepls Son Last Longer

Back from shopping at Walmart, my son and I got in the car. I’ve put my purse at his feet, but only after, I realized that one of my big boobs got out! I immediately hid it and asked him if he saw anything! He told me that he didn’t! Phew! I was really worried that he did! While we’re on our way to the restaurant to meet his dad, he kept replacing his boxers on top of his shorts and moving on his seat. He seemed really uncomfortable. So I kept asking him what the problem was and trying to guess why until I saw his hard-on! I knew it! He saw my boob slip out earlier! I was so shocked! He told me that it doesn’t want to go away now! I told him to think of something else and we’ll listen to music along the way. Once we arrived in the parking of the restaurant, he still had it rock hard! His dad wasn’t there yet! I had to find a solution and quick! So I decided to help him so it can go away. Yes, he thought it was really awkward and weird for his mommy to jerk him off, but I had to fix this, it was my fault after all. He wasn’t cumming and his dad would be here any minute now! I had to step it up, put mommy’s role aside and start sucking his penis. It worked! There was so much cum! I’ve never seen someone cum that much, especially not his dad!! This gotta stay our little secret!

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