Mom is My Private Tutor

I’m really nervous for my test, but my step-mom keeps reassuring me that I will do just fine! We walk together to her car, so she can drive me to school. She starts to quiz me on the elements again so she can see if I remember the material. Mom is really proud of me because I still remember most of the periodic table! My mom starts to tell me how she used to help her brother, my uncle JMac, get ready for his tests too. She said that she would play with his pee-pee before a test and he would always get an A on it! She said that it will definitely help me focus if she did the same thing to me that she used to do to my uncle. My mom stops the car when we are one block away from school, and she jumps in to the back seat with me. I tell her that I need to get to school but she tells me that I have 15 minutes until 1st period! She pulls her dress down, exposing her big, natural tits. Then, she pulls my cock out and she starts to give me a blowjob in the back seat of her car. “Touch mommy’s titties!” she tells me. “You know what else I used to let your uncle do to me?” she asks me. She confesses that he used to fuck her pussy, and she is going to let me do the same thing to her! She hops on top of my cock and she starts to ride my cock. She flips over and continues to ride my cock in the reverse cowgirl position next. I end up cumming inside of her pussy, and now I am all ready to take my test!

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