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Mom's BFF - Jason Pierce, Penny Barber FullHD HD 720p 4

Jen (Penny Barber) walks into the bedroom and says to Jason (Pierce): “Hi, sorry I didn’t know who was in here. I came to see Lisa. There was a note saying she went shopping? I’m Jen, and you must be Lisa’s stepson? Yeah, glad to meet you”. She lifts the bedcovers up daintily and adds in a flirty way: “You don’t have to cover up on my account”. “Do you mind if I wait with you for her to get back?

Can I get comfortable?”, Jen asks, taking off her shoes, sitting on the bed facing him. “Do you bring a lot of girls back here? Not so much? It’s a little awkward when your parents are around. (We only hear her end of the conversation.) Do you mind if I touch you a little?”, she asks, running her finger along his thigh, getting awfully chummy in a hurry. “I’m not really sure how to bring this up, but your stepmom says that you know your way around a pussy. It’s just that I have a really high sex drive, so the idea of meeting a virile young man…who can keep up with me, is very appealing”, she says suggestively, while gently stroking his crotch. “Is it all right that I’m touching you here? Good, because I really like what I feel. I thought only naughty boys wear black underwear”, she comments, as he’s lying on the bed with his jeans removed, parked nearby on the bed. “I think it’s kind of dirty that you like to mess around with your mom -don’t get me wrong, at least it’s hot, but kind of kinky, don’t you think?”, she says, continuing to stroke the outline of his cock in his underpants. “I never messed around with a guy who does that before. She also mentioned your size. Come on, you know you’re on the big side. It feels like you’re on the big side”. As she strokes him, she declares: “The outline is so pretty. You’re sure it’s okay that I’m touching you? So hot in your shorts -it’s warm. Do you like what I’m doing?”. Letting go of his underpants, Jen starts rubbing her breasts through her top, the nipples standing out prominently behind the fabric. Arranging herself more comfortably on the bed, she gets down to business, stroking his still-covered-up cock, declaring: “Oh, it’s so thick. Do you like older women in general or just your mom? I kinda have a thing for younger guys”, she says, while boldly peeking under the cloth to look at his dick. “According to Lisa, you are quite enjoyable”. Looking up from his still-covered dick, she announces “I knew it. Very pretty”. She kisses it lightly and takes the dick out of his pants, out into the open. Instead of eye-contact, now she’s staring intently at his cock, stroking it up and down rapidly, saying slowly: “A nice, big, curved dick”. She removes his underpants, sniffs them and tosses them aside, getting back to handling the cock. Almost shyly, she asks: “Can I put it in my mouth a little bit? Do you think Lisa will be jealous? Sorry, you probably think of her as mom”, she says. Then Jen begins lightly sucking his member, gradually taking more and more of it into her mouth. She re-establishes eye contact with Jason, and starts moaning with pleasure, as the young man remains passive, letting Jen do all the work. She speeds up her sucking, and then pauses to slowly remove her top, revealing her big breasts, not wearing a bra. Watch the erotic scene unfold…

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