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Dad’s out of town for three days, and even though he just left today, he’s already calling to check in. Are we ever going to get some private mom/son time?
I can’t leave you alone while listening to him go on and on about his trip; I make silly faces at you and stick out my tongue, trying to make you laugh. I lift up my skirt and wiggle my butt at you, while telling your father all about what a big boy you are now, and how you’re definitely the man of the house when he’s away – very responsible.
Sitting down in front of you and shoving my feet into your lap, I tell him that maybe I’ll go and get a massage today – can’t expect my nearly-grown son to give boring old Mom a foot massage anyway, right?

As you caress my feet, one slides to your lap and begins to rub against your obvious hard-on. Soon, I can’t help it anymore and slide to my knees in front of you, my beautiful son, while trying to maintain a believable conversation on the phone with him. I tease you with Mommy’s titties before pulling out your dick and immediately starting to lick, suck, and stroke you. I tell your father that I might also get a ‘facial’ at the spa today…it’s been so very long since Mommy had a facial, after all…
It gets harder and harder to concentrate on the conversation I’m having with him, and before long he can hear the slurping sounds I make while sucking his son’s cock. It’s all I can do to keep it together when he starts up with the dirty talk (I’d so much rather be putting all my attentions toward my boy’s big dick), but, as usual, he comes really fast, leaving Mom with just enough time to suck your cock until it explodes in my mouth.

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