My Debt to You – Dick Chibbles, Reagan Foxx, Ricky Spanish FullHD 1080p

My Debt to You - Dick Chibbles, Reagan Foxx, Ricky Spanish FullHD 1080p

Reagan (Foxx) returns home late and is accosted at her doorway by her mean landlord Jack Remington (Dick Chibbles), who confronts her and makes snide remarks, calling her one of those “Back door girls”. He’s intimidating, sarcastic, and his stare makes her tremble but he finally comes to the point, demanding the rent.

She’s four months behind and the crude guy prevents her from entering her house, then starts to make sexual advances, but Reagan is saved from being kissed by the menacing man by her stepson Ricky (Spanish) intervening. She’s exhausted and puts off telling Ricky her troubles till later, tired out after a long day.

Late at night she’s relaxing in bed reading a magazine, when her sweet and oh-so-attentive stepson stands with a glass of water for her at the threshold. Mom explains that she’s fallen behind in the rent but is taking extra shifts at work to help pay it off. Ricky suggests they move to a one-bedroom apartment to save money, But Reagan stresses how she doesn’t want to leave all the happy memories of their home by abandoning it.

Her stepson is quite protective and declares of Remington: “I’ll ‘take care’ of him if he ever touches you again”. “You seem to be forgetting I’m a strong woman and can take care of myself”, she replies. “I’m gonna take care of you”, he insists. “You’re so much like your father”, mom says and kisses him lustily, then apologizes, and thinking better of it, orders him to go to his bed. “I just want to sleep with you -I want to be near you”, Ricky pleads. But mom is having none of it, and he leaves sadly, off to sleep alone.

Later, Reagan comes home looking bewildered, carrying a folder and calling out to Ricky. She wonders how he paid for their rent and he announces: “I used my savings”.”I won’t let you do this”, she insists, but Ricky points out his dad worked his way through college, and he can too. He says: “You owe me nothing -I’m in debt to you. I’ll never be able to pay you for what you’ve done for me”.

He explains as they sit on the couch: “I’m having a meeting with Mr. Remington and an attorney tomorrow, and we’ll sign a rent-to-own agreement. This place will be ours someday. You won’t ever have to deal with him again”, he assures her. Reagan is ecstatic, and Ricky continues: “It’s what dad would have wanted. I’ll protect you from now on. I’m the man of the house”. “You’re my little man, and I love you”, she responds and they kiss over and over, locking tongues. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1048
Duratio: 00:41:59
Size: 1296 Mb

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