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He turns up at my house late at night completely soaked. I’m shocked and quickly invite him in. I bring him a towel and ask what’s going on. Why is he here at my house so late at night? He explains that he got into a huge fight with his father and was thrown out. I say I’m sorry to hear that, but it doesn’t explain why he came to my house. He asks me to let him stay a few days. “Of course, I can. Come on I’ll show you to the guestroom”. Scene 2 (shot from the perspective of my nephew spying on me from the doorway). I return to my bedroom, and call my sister (your mother) and discuss the situation. While I’m talking, I undress. When I’ve finished the conversation and am naked, I grab a towel and go for a shower. My nephew returns to the guest room. Scene 3. After my shower, I come to check on you (wearing only a robe). I see through the crack in the door that you’re jerking off. I stop at the doorway, start to get excited and play with myself. “Mmm, I haven’t been fucked in so long even my nephews cock turns me on!” After a minute or two, I knock on the door and come in to wish you goodnight. Scene 4. I am in bed (wearing a sexy nightie). You come in and start to play with my clit with your dick. I slightly moan while you rub your cock up and down my pussy. Then you put it in, I jump with a loud moan completely shocked, “What the hell are you doing?” You continue fucking me on my back until you cum inside me. You stand up and leave. “Wtf! He came inside me!” Scene 5. The next morning, I wake up and am still shocked about what happened last night. I’ve decided to throw my nephew out, but since the line has already been crossed, I’m going to get yours. I get up and put on some sexy lingerie (bra/ panties/garter belt/stockings/ with my hair tied up. I walk in the guestroom and explain how upset I am about last night, and that I’ve decided he can’t stay here anymore. But first, I am going to fuck him, and he’s going to make me cum. I remove my robe and start sucking him off. Then ride him reverse cowgirl, removing my bra during the act. Then cowgirl, riding him until I cum. Then I demand my nephews cum and keep riding. He cums inside me. (Cum visible) I get up, put my robe on and tell him to get dressed and get the fuck out of my house! Subtitles only in the preview. Music ( Speak up, Lip by Leo Birenberg & Zach Robinson) ONLY in the Trailer.

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