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My dad wants me to get a job.. He is so straight forward about it too.. And out of nowhere! I thought I was daddy’s girl.. Daddy doesn’t want to be cold. However, he can’t keep up and really needs my help! So I tell daddy I will try my best. Daddy already has an interview set up for me! He says uncle can get me a job with him. But, doesn’t he work at Hooters? I’m a little hesitant but, I trust daddy! I go to the interview the next day, I haven’t seen my uncle in awhile.. He even comments on how developed I’ve gotten! I’m so excited for my interview! But, that’s when Uncle makes a comment about my breasts.. He says my nose could hit the wall before my chest! Well Uncle? What do I do?! I need to help daddy! I can’t let him down.. Uncle reassures me that I can put on a push-up bra and even gives me one he has on hand! I get ready to take off my bra but, not before I tell Uncle to turn around. However, Uncle says he needs to watch. I guess its okay because he is my Uncle after all! I change into the push-up bra but, Uncle feels I need just a bit more.. He hands me a roll of toilet paper. I’m worried it would almost be like lieing if I stuffed my boobs. Uncle helps me feel better by joking and saying that people lie on their resume all the time. I stuff my bra and Uncle is amazed by the volume it gave! So I ask if I’m hired now.. Uncle says I have to do one more thing.. I have to be initiated.. I have to suck Uncle’s cock. But, isn’t that wrong? He is my Uncle after all.. However, I don’t want special treatment.. It wouldn’t be fair to the other girls! I agree and suck his cock like a good girl. It’s so hard to suck that it hits my gag reflex. Now Uncle needs to do one more thing.. he needs to go inside me. He needs to feel how wet and developed my pussy has gotten. I let him go inside me and it feels amazing! I’ve never done anything like this before! It’s pure pleasure! I just want to thank my Uncle so much! I even moan that I want to feel his warm cum deep inside me for the very first time! I want to feel my Uncles cum in my tummy. Uncle never wanted to take it that far but, when he heard me begging he couldn’t resist. I could feel his hot cum bursting inside my fresh pussy. So, Uncle.. Did I do a good job

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