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Ok I was thinking of a sweet submissive mommy story with a slow build. Starting off in the kitchen in the morning before school mom is dressed with a tee shirt and panties a very sweet mom who asked if her son needs anything because she would do anything for him a little tease while they make small talk she just can’t get over how handsome he is, the next morning mom is in a shorter tee with her panties totally exposed more chat on her handsome boy but this time mom notices his erection and comments on how big he’s getting again reminding him anything he wants he need only ask his sweet mother hinting at her submissive side. Next morning mommy is dressed almost slutty and has NO PANTIES on under her negligee she comments on her son who as well came down in his underwear stretched tight from his morning erection he wanted to show off to mom. Mom will flash pussy and talk about how she could help him with that. This morning is the first blowjob. While mommy sucks cock, she explains to her son that she is a submissive and that she has a taboo kink. In fact, since he was born, she has had the plan to eventually be his submissive “taboo fucktoy mom” a lot of dirty talk while mommy explains the new reality that he can use his mother’s holes however and whenever he wants. Ends with cumming down mom’s throat. Final scene is later that day when he gets home from school finds his mommy waiting for him, totally made up like a slut with trashy lingerie, a leash and collar, and the words “son fucker” “taboo fucktoy” and “pet mommy” written on her body. Now they fuck the whole-time mommy explaining that he’s in charge of her now, she’s his pet mommy and will do whatever he says. She talks about how she loves taboo sex and has always dreamed about being her sons taboo fucktoy, she just wants to be her sons live in cum rag, etc. All while son fucks all three of mommy’s taboo holes. Anal doesn’t have to be real just a mention on how good mom’s ass feels when son switches holes,” how good her ass taste on her son’s cock”

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