Myra Moans, Ryan Driller - The Virginity Raffle 2

Myra Moans is busy with her webcam, soliciting donations from her fans as she plans to hold a Virginity Raffle: one lucky fan will be chosen to deflower her – live on a webcast, once she reaches the level of 100,000 followers.

Meanwhile, in the living room her stepdad (Ryan Driller) is secretly watching the original 2019 Missa X vignette “The Virginity Raffle” with Kenna James and Chad White on his laptop. When he switches to another website, he’s shocked to see his daughter Myra cavorting topless for the camera! “Her mom’s gonna kill me!” is his response as he closes the laptop and rushes to Myra’s bedroom for a showdown.

By the time he gets there, she’s completely naked, and Myra furtively signs off to her fans, just 100 followers short of her raffle goal. Dad reads her the riot act regarding her webcam activity, but Myra protests: “I thought this is what you wanted -you know, start being pretty, stop being a wallflower”. “Not like this, Myra. What’s this business about ‘little gremlins’ making you cum for the first time”, Ryan says, quoting what he heard on her webcast.

She explains, with a big smile: “Gremlins is a name I’ve given my fansl. When I have 100K followers, I’m going to raffle off my virginity!”. “That sounds really dangerous. Virginity Isn’t something you raffle away to a little gremlin.” he says, and tries to convince his daughter to stop all this nonsense. She concedes: “I do wish I could lose it in a romantic way, but when’s that ever going to happen? To be honest, guys don’t even notice me, and they all suck”.

“But you’re a very beautiful girl. They will”, daddy contends. “You’re a good man. If I could find someone like you, it would be different”, Myra says, adding: “What if you took my virginity?”. He points out that as stepdad, that wouldn’t be appropriate, but she counters: “Would you rather it be some stranger or one of my gremlins?”. “No, I really don’t”, he replies. Putting her hand on daddy’s knee, she pleads: “Do this for me, please?”.

He tries to put off this discussion till later, but when Myra begins kissing him repeatedly, Ryan’s resistance proves futile. After getting daddy to lie down on her bed, she removes his shorts and gets naked, starting to suck on his already-erect dick. “Do you like that daddy? I’ve been masturbating to you and I always wondered what you tasted like”, she whispers. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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Last Update: June 12, 2024