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An innocent-seeming mom is clueless about what “Netflix & chill” really means. So, when your son tells you the reason he’s sad is because his crush was going to come by to “Netflix & chill” but got grounded, you naively but excitedly suggest that you can Netflix & chill with him instead bc you think this is your best chance to spend quality time with your son who rarely has time for you lately. The son resists at first but you insist it will be fun so you both begin to watch a movie while snuggling on the couch. Eventually your son gets hard and pulls out his cock with you noticing bc you’re focused on the movie. He then moves your hand to feel his hard cock. Shocked, you pulls your hand away and ask wtf he’s doing. He says you insisted that you wanted to Netflix & chill and this is what that means. You notice that he’s getting upset and becoming even more depressed than he already was and, being the great mother that you are, you try to calm him down by explaining that you didn’t mean to embarrass him and you apologize for not knowing what N & C really meant . but now that you do know, you ask him if he really wants to N & C with his own mother and if he realizes that would mean committing… you know. Of course he’s 1000% ok with N & C mom . and then you surprise him by going into total slut mode and you’re going to show him that no girl will ever be able to take care him like his mom ht

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