NGC’s Side Mission Athena’s Atonement – Heroine movies HD mp4

NGC's Side Mission Athena's Atonement

Athena is better looking than just about everyone who has ever lived. That’s really all I have for an introduction. Let’s take a look at her latest adventure, Side Mission 4: Athena’s Atonement.

Hamilton Dinar is doing some real estate speculating for the Darkheart’s, looking for a location that would insure their privacy. In London? Good luck, pal. Little does Hamilton know that he is currently being tracked by Athena, who if I didn’t make it clear is better looking than just about everyone who has ever lived.

Feeling guilty and determined to find Bluebird, Athena puts in a call to Miss Freedom in hopes of getting some backup. But Miss Freedom is less than open to the idea as we can see she is still in that wrestling ring trying to keep Elite Force financially afloat by fighting for billionaires.

Hamilton confronts Athena and the fights starts in Athena’s favor but Hamilton catches one of her kicks and pounds her with stomach punches and an uppercut. These hits leave Athena in a world of hurt but she quickly heals herself. Athena strikes back, hits some punches and starts to strangle Hamilton. He breaks the hold with a chop and lifts several knees into her stomach. He follows that with several punches to the face and lifts her high into the air with a two handed throat lift. He then sets her back on the ground and floors her with a kick to the stomach.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:10:47
Size: 241 Mb

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