Nito, Katie Cummings – Sex Therapy HD 1080p

Katie Cummings - Sex Therapy HD 1080p

Nito is having trouble focusing on anything in his life, all he thinks about is sex so he sets up an appointment with the famous psychiatrist Dr. Cummings. She’s a world renowned doctor and has helped many people with her creative techniques. Nito is extremely nervous as he walks into Dr. Cummings’ office and takes a seat, immediately notices doc is one of the hottest women he’s ever seen and trying to focus might be harder than he ever thought. After introductions and a little insight of Nito’s problem, Dr. Cummings has him lay down on his back and starts her session. He gets comfortable and in no time her calm voice has him falling off in a trance. Nito feels relaxed and like he’s inside an amazing dream. He opens his eyes to find Dr. Cummings very sexy and slowly getting undressed. He can’t believe this is real as she gets on top of him and let’s him feel those big beautiful jugs she has. Once he’s fully erect, she undresses him, gets on her knees, and sticks his hard cock in her mouth. This session can’t get any better, he thinks, but it does! Dr. Cummings turns around and slides his cock in her nice wet pussy as she rides him backwards and begs for more. This can’t be happening, it feels so real. She turns around and is facing him now as the riding continues, her big ass bouncing up and down all over his cock. Nito puts her on all fours as he begins to fuck her from behind, Dr. Cummings loves her job so much and enjoys every single minute. Doc is now on her back as she spreads her legs and tight pussy, the pounding continues until Nito busts on her pretty belly. Dr. Cummings calming voice can be heard to wake up, he opens his eyes in full confusion, this was the most vivid dream he’s ever had, but he’s not thinking about sex so whatever she did must of worked! Dr. Cummings schedules another appointment with her new client for next week and Nito exits still wondering what happened during their session. He’s left with a wet dream and doc with a belly full of cum, hopefully next week’s session is just as good.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:19:56
Size: 2173 Mb

limp – 5238 Katie Cummings.mp4

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