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Your daughter is a slut, but she won’t admit it. You hate that she dresses slutty, and you hate how turned on you get seeing her. You want her to be YOUR slut, and your slut only. You catch her sneaking out to a party wearing a skimpy bodycon and heels, and you tell her “no daughter of mine is going to leave this house dressed like a slut”. She argues with you, but you just pull her dress up, revealing she isn’t wearing any panties. You push her down on her knees, shoving your cock in her mouth as she reluctantly takes it. You’re rough with her, and she apologizes as she cringes at the fact that her own father is fucking her. It’s so fucked up, and you know it. You push her on the couch, taking what’s yours, filling your own daughter up with your cum, although she’s fertile. She tells you she hates it, but she lets you fuck her anyways. Later that week, you barge in her room catching her taking nudes in her mom’s old lingerie. You pull her in, flip her over, and take her again as punishment. As you said before, NO daughter of yours is going to be a slut. ONLY a slut for you. You fuck her in doggy and then in missionary, treating her exactly how she should be treated. She denies it feeling good, although deep down she knows she likes it. You cum in her again against her wishes, risking impregnating your own flesh. Another day goes by, and you stop her before going out to swim. This time, she knows what you want. She reluctantly strips out of her bikini, revealing her nude body. She gets down and hesitates to suck you off, but she does anyways. After warming you up, she lays back on the couch, knowing that she’s about to get fucked again by her own father, her own Daddy. she continues to deny how she’s a slut, how she doesn’t like getting fucked by her Father. Truth is, she can’t help but like it just as much as you do. You finish in her again, and she goes on with her day. the next day, she walks in and lets you analyze her outfit. She tells you she’s not wearing a bra or panties, and she knows she’s going to get fucked cause of it. It’s almost like she knows the repercussions, and she doesn’t care. She still is denying her urges, but she is more demanding this time, encouraging you to turn your daughter into your own slut. You fuck her in doggy, cumming deep inside of her fertile pussy. She tells you you’re sick, but she secretly smiles to herself, knowing she is truly becoming Daddy’s personal slut. That night, she approaches you in a robe, sitting next to you. She’s thought about it, and she really does like being used by her Daddy. At first she didn’t want you to take her, to treat her like a slut, but she knows that it’s the only way to get her needs met, and yours. If your daughter is going to be a slut, it will only be for you, Daddy. She shows you her lingerie, straddling you. She begins to ride you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, begging you this time to use her like a slut, to impregnate her just like she deserves. She’s your whore, your personal fuck sleeve to breed and use whenever you please. You finish on top, fucking her in missionary as she begs her Daddy to breed her. She knows it’s where she belongs. No daughter of yours is going to be a slut for anyone other than you, her own Daddy.

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