Pick Me Im Perfect - Pristine Edge, Jayden Marcos, Amber Summer FullHD 1080p 4

Amber Summer is the next contestant on Pristine Edge’s gameshow, where her son Jayden Marcos will get to pick out a new stepsister. When she joins Jayden and Pristine for her interview, Amber immediately goes into how maternal she is and how she loves to care for her friends and family. Jayden doesn’t seem to be feeling the chemistry, but he joins the girls on a date to a corn maze Pristine has arranged nonetheless.

After the date, Jayden lets the cameras know that Amber is far too full of herself but he still wants to try her on for size. He gets his chance as soon as Amber believes they’re alone. Pristine has barely left the room before Amber has Jayden’s fuck stick in her mouth and halfway down her throat. The spinner sure knows how to treat a guy as she sucks him down.

That’s all the foreplay Amber needs to peel off her clothes and climb into Jayden’s lap so he can see what it would be like for his pint sized stepsis to ride him. She gives him a preview of what a reverse cowgirl ride would look like and then gets on her back so Jayden can step between her thighs and keep their pleasure rolling. Getting on her knees on the couch, Amber lets Jayden dive deep in doggy before she strokes him off into her mouth. Pristine returns right as they’re getting their clothes back on, and at that point Jayden confesses that Amber isn’t the little stepsister he’s looking for.

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