Preachers Daughter Gets Her Ass Fucked - Molly Darling FullHD 1080p

Preachers Daughter Gets Her Ass Fucked - Molly Darling FullHD 1080p 6

Preachers Daughter Gets Her Ass Fucked - Molly Darling FullHD 1080p 7

Very dialogue heavy Taboo Daddy/Daughter Religious Roleplay. Dialogue from Male and Female parts. Blowjob, Vaginal, Anal, Facial*** Molly is desperate to go out, but her Daddy wont let her. She’s been sneaking around with an older man, coming home with ejaculate in her hair and being a bad girl. Her Daddy is a preacher, he lectures her about her promiscuous behaviour as she rolls her eyes. She used to be devoutly religious and team leader at bible camp.. but now she is more interested in having a cock inside of her. Now it’s time to see whether her Daddy is as strong as he thinks he is. Molly gets on her knees and starts to rub his crotch, telling him to prove how much of a “moral man” he is. He tells her to stop but she doesn’t listen. She teases his cock through his underwear, then pulls his cock out and gently kisses it. She goes to lick but stops.. Daddy mustn’t give into temptation! Once her Daddy’s cock is raging, she gets up and attempts to leave.. but Daddy is having none of it.. He pushes her to her knees and face fucks her. She gives him a vigorous blowjob and stands up. He rips her shirt open and caresses her tits. Now she wants to feel his cock inside of her. She gets a condom and places it on his hard cock, but he rips it off and tells her its a sin. She’s got to take him bareback. She sits on his lap, showing her little bush and rides his big cock. Cut to Molly on all fours, presenting her ass in a tiny little thong. Daddy gets up and rips her panties down. He pushes his cock inside of her and starts to pound her. She can’t believe Daddy is fucking her. Suddenly he pulls out of her pussy and puts his cock into her asshole! She’s never had a cock in her ass before! But she doesn’t want him to stop. He pounds her asshole and then flips her onto her back so she can taste his cock. She goes ass to mouth enthusiastically. He then fucks her ass in missionary whilst she encourages him. Then again fucks her mouth straight from her ass. She rides her ass on his cock again giving a good view from the front and then reverse. Now she wants her Daddy’s cum. She gets on her knees and gives him another blow job and waits patiently for his cum. She leans her head back and stretches out her tongue. Her Daddy cums all over her sweet little face.. then shovels his cum into her mouth. She thanks him.

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