Primal Fetish Ariella Ferrera – Step-Mother Turned into Obedient Doll – Latina, Robots HD [720p/clips4sale/2017]

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Scene 1

The Scene opens with the Dollmaker sitting looking over the images of his past “dolls”. He gets a call and talks to a client on the phone. He tells the client that he will take care of everything and put “her” through the dolling process. He hangs up and then a knock on the door. The Dollmaker answers and its Ariella. The Dollmaker welcomes her in an awkward manner (like you have done with the other dollmaker videos) Ariella enters, “is this the right place? I here for a photoshoot. He gives her a drink and tells her that she will become a pretty doll for someone. She is confused.

She starts to feel weird and stiffing. She gets uncomfortable and tries to leave. She walks toward the door but is getting stiffer and stiffer. She freezes solid and the dollmaker mocks her predicament and drags her to the lab.

Ariella is frozen like a mannequin with stiff arms and the dollmaker starts adding oil to her body. He explains the effects only freeze her temporarily but that his special silicone formula will transform her into a perfect doll. He rubs the oil across her body while she stares ahead. He moves her limbs around, poses her head from left to right, molds her face to smile and then an O face, and make her pose in sexy poses. After finishing the poses, he poses her standing at attention with her arms posed down but slightly away from her body and he informs her that he need her to “cure”. He drapes a plastic clear sheet on her. (10 minutes)

Scene 2

Camera opens up with the dollmaker removing the clear plastic thin tarp and proceeds to dress her in a maid outfit. Camera shows close up of Ariella’s body as the dollmaker put on her outfit along with sudden cuts to her smiling staring face. He then look into her frozen face and tells her that she should thank him for dolling her. (Camera pans on her face as the dollmaker talks to her. Ariella stares ahead) (3 minutes)

Knock on the door.The Dollmaker drapes the plastic back on and goes to answer. It a young man named John (the one from the phone earlier). “OH hello I wasn’t expecting you this early. I just finished her.”

Camera opens with Ariella posed standing while draped with a plastic sheet. John and the Dollmaker enter. The Dollmaker removes the plastic and John is shocked by the results. “Wow she looks great!” The dollmaker takes out a remote and programs Ariella. Ariella blinks quickly while programming, then becomes a blank trance like stare. “Here, she is now programmed. Mode 1: she is human again, Mode 2: she becomes a fembot, and Mode 3: she will become a mannequin like she is now”. John walks up close to Ariella and caresses her cheek, and asks the dollmaker if the check cleared. The dollmaker asks who the woman is. “Oh well she is my bitchy stepmother who tried to cut me out of my inheritance. Now that she is dolled, I can control the family assets.” Ariella stares ahead. “Is she aware of anything going on?” the dollmaker, “no she is mindless as a mannequin, but as a robot she is aware but helpless to stop herself”. “hahaha good”

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