Primal Fetish – Link Falls to the enchantment of Ganandorf HD wmv [720p/]

Primal Fetish - Link Falls to the enchantment of Ganandorf H

The two warriors clash. Ganondorf wields his dark sword and has more experience with his weapon than Link. They appear to be evenly matched until Ganondorf begins to overwhelm Link. Ganondorf uses his dark magic to force Link’s shield out of Link’s hand. Next Ganondorf knocks the Master Sword out of Link’s grip. Link is vulnerable and cannot get to her sword. Ganondorf says “You will submit to me” and forces Link to makeout with him. Link is caught off guard by the sexual attack. Ganondorf says “I have fought against your male predecessors in epic duels. The Hero of Time was the strongest warrior of them all. They defeated me every time by sealing me into a different dimension. However, this is a first for me. I can use different tactics to defeat a female version of The Hero. I will make you the Heroine of Sluts!”. He once again forces Link to makeout with him. Link’s status changes to seduced and kisses Ganondorf make. He fondles his new lover and sucks her beautiful breast. She moans like a whore and wants to snap out of her slutty status effect. She can’t and makes out with Ganondorf. He leads her to her knees to give him a sloppy blowjob.

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