Primal Fetish – London River, Tyler Faith – Defenders of Morality HD 720p

Primal Fetish - London River, Tyler Faith - Defenders of Morality HD 720p

Primal’s Custom Videos

Overview: Defenders of Morality custom video Synopsis An evangelical/conservative pair of women (EVE and JANET) visit a neighbourhood to warn people about the dangers of pornography. They split up, and EVE visits one home to be greeted by MR DAEMON, who invites her inside. While she waits in the living room, she is slowly corrupted by the mesmerizing, pornographic images insidiously included on the TV’s screen by MR DAEMON. He returns, and completes her corruption into a wanton, sacrilegious whore. Later, JANET visits the home in search of EVE, and her former friend helps corrupt JANET too. JANET and EVE are then dressed in fetish outfits, and service MR DAEMON. The video ends with another ring at the door. Specifics ? Props needed – dildo, clipboard and paper ? Set dressing and furniture – minimal needed. Just a tv and a sofa are required. ? Visual effects – we’d need to have a small montage made from burning fireplace footage mixed with porno footage (could be a way to include clips from your other material), and brainwashing/entrancement text (see script). This would be displayed on the TV at points in the video. I guess you’d just have some green screen cloth on the TV so you could add this film later in the video? ? Dialogue – it would be ideal if the actors can follow the scripted dialogue (as you’ve done with my prior customs), but it’s ok to improvise along similar lines depending on how much time they have to learn the dialogue. ? I really find the dirty talk a turn on, so please include as much of this as possible – the female characters talking about how much they want cock, how much of a slut they are, etc. Please do draw from the script whenever possible, as I’ve included words and phrases that would be turn-ons. ? I’m not a fan of POV, so would prefer to avoid a POV camera angle. ? Script: Defenders of Morality Scene 1: Outside house EVE and JANET, an evangelical, conservative pair of women visit a neighbourhood to warn people about the dangers of pornography. JANET carries a clipboard (presumably with their messages, and a list of who they’re going to visit). They discuss which side of the street each of them will take (improvised dialogue), and part ways. We follow EVE as she walks to the front door. EVE rings the doorbell, and MR DAEMON opens the door. We switch to a view from inside the house. Scene 2: Inside house, at door MR DAEMON: Hello, may I help you? EVE: Good morning sir. My name is Eve. I’m from a local group called Defenders of Morality. MR DAEMON: Uh-huh. EVE: Yes, we’re spreading the word about the dangers of pornography. We are asking all upstanding citizens to help us eradicate the poison of carnal temptation, and return society to traditional values. MR DAEMON: Ok.

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:07:36
Size: 1828 Mb

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