Primal Fetish – Tiffany Watson – Stop The Electrocutioner from altering the future HD wmv [720p/]

Primal Fetish - Tiffany Watson - Stop The Electrocutioner

Primal’s Darkside Superheroine

Unfortunately, her greatest powers are no match for him, and he drains them out of her, captures her, and forces her to suck his cock.
Lightening Lass moves on to look for the case The Electrocutioner stole. She goes to the place where records claim it is being kept, and this time, stop The Electrocutioner for good! The only problem is, he’s already there waiting for her. This time when he captures her, he’s going to drain the rest of her powers out of her… through her pussy!
Now that Lightening Lass is drained of her powers, the electrocutioner comes into the cell he has her in and degrades and further humiliates her until there is nothing left.

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Size:2,03 Gb

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