Primals Disgraced Superheroines Lightning Angel – Falling to Nemesis Again and Again

Primals Disgraced Superheroines Lightning Angel

Molnii Ahnren AKA Lightning Angel has tracked down her nemesis Atomic Alpha. It’s clearly a trap but she is beyond confident any confrontation will end as it always does, with him defeated and behind bars. yet Atomic Alpha continues to escape only to leave an easy trail for her to follow. In there last battle the super-powered pervert told her she keeps chasing him do to her own repressed sexual desire for him and she arrogantly swore that the day he defeats her is the day she’ll submit to despicable desires

Strutting confidently into the cage Infront of he LA sees an orgasm wand and knows for sure that AA is there and he hasn’t changed in his goal. She is scarcely surprised when he appears behind her with a taunt. As the battle begins AE sees that AA wasn’t entirely bluffing, his powers have grown and if she matches him innocent bystanders could be at risk. The still overconfident superheroine challenges her nemesis to fight without powers and he accepts and then dissipates his costume leaving himself almost full exposed to her. LA intimidates most men and hasn’t seen an almost naked man in a long time and she is very flustered but gets her focus back and the fight on

The last thing AE thought was AA would actually take her down, and what’s more she is captured and at his mercy. He tells her his is going to make her cum until she submits. LA could demand to be let go but instead she takes it as a challenge and AA proceeds to use the wand on her. She never expected her body to betray her and does not know why she is so quickly fighting off arousal. Granted AA has put more time in pursuing her than any other man, and she knows if she told him to stop he would. After all he wants her to submit, not to ‘take her’ but for her to give in.

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