Primals FANTASIES Edyn Blair – Project Funding II – Female Ejaculation, Mesmerize HD [720p/]

Added: 10/12/17 2:48pm

Max walks into the conference room for his board meeting, only to find his ex-wife, Edyn, waiting for her. She tells him how she’s staying for the board meeting, and she’s heard how he’s been spending tons of the companies money. After she instills her plans into her ex-husband’s mind, thinking she now owns him and this company, she goes to meet with Lucas to explain to him if he wants to keep any type of funding, he’ll do what she wants. Lucas takes the new very calmly, standing up and pouring her and himself a drink. While toasting to each other, mentioning the drink came from Edyn’s ex-husband, Lucas says something that catches her off guard, but pays no mind to it and takes her last sip of pride and ego.

As Edyn starts to walk out of Lucas’s office, ready to blackmail and/or dominate every one, one office at a time, this intense urge overcomes her, stopping her in her tracks and dropping her to her knees. Before she knows what hit her, the desire for Lucas’s cock overpowers her. Crawling on the floor, groping herself, and licking her lips, she BEGS Lucas to fuck her. This new, intensely extreme craving for cock must be satisfied now, and this becomes the only thing she can think of.

When her husband comes into Lucas’s office, he sees her wife wrapped around Lucas’s leg on the floor. She launches off of him when she see’s Mr Maximus, crawling to his legs and begging for his cock. Thanking Lucas for helping with his problem, he tells Edyn he’ll fuck her if she signs something. Signing it frantically, she drops back down to the floor, pulling at his pants and begging for his cock. Will he give it to her? Find out now in this amazing, new, sexy adaptation of Primal Fetish’s Project Funding!

Categories: SLUT TRAINING, FEMALE EJACULATION, SUBMISSIVE SLUTS, BOSS / EMPLOYEE, FEMALE DESPERATION , Edyn blair, Mesmerize, office domination, magic control, submissive sluts, grinding, facials, cum in mouth, pantyhose/stockings, blowjobs, squirting, strip tease, orgasms, lap dance, crawling

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 00:47:25
Size: 1.24 Gb

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