Primal’s Fantasies Jasmine Wolff – Limp Fetish Tricked and Trained SD (studio/24134/

POV with Jasmine Wolff

Jasmine’s outfit – knee high boots, short skirt, tight top.

When told to sleep she instantly goes out.

When in trance she has a blank look.

Smoking scenes with standard cigarettes please, no colored ones or joints etc.

Scene – Jasmine is home alone ready to go to a party when her brothers friend arrives and knocks on the door.

*She opens the door and tells him her brother isn’t home. He tells her that he knows and has just came over to drop some money off he owes him.

*Jasmine lets him in and he mentions how great she looks, she thanks him and says she’s going to a party.

*He tells her he can give her a ride if she wants and she thanks him and says sure.

*He takes a seat while Jasmine puts on her lip gloss and then starts smoking. She then walks over, takes a seat and asks they make a little small talk. *She asks if he’s still in college and what he’s studying. He tells her he studying psychology.

*Jasmine says great maybe you can help me quit smoking someday then gets up and sprays her perfume on and gets her keys.

*He tells her he can easily help her in only a few minutes if she wants.

*She says sure, finishes smoking, takes a seat and asks what she needs to do. *He says just relax and give me your necklace. She hands it over and he swings it in front of her.

*He tells her to Watch it swing from side to side, back and forth. Your beginning to relax, Relaxing. Relax for me (she repeats relax). Just concentrate on the necklace nothing else matters but my necklace and my voice (she repeats only your voice). Relax for me, so relaxed you are beginning to feel sleepy (she repeats sooo sleepy). No thoughts (she repeats no thoughts) you will obey (repeats obey) So sleepy that your eyelids are beginning to grow heavy. So heavy that by the time I count’ backwards from 3 you’ll be asleep. 3…2….1 and sleep. (her head falls forward and she drops her keys)

*He checks out Jasmine’s body whilst saying how easy that was.

*He then asks if she can here him and she replies yes.

*He then tells her she will obey and to stand and open her eyes. (She repeats obey opens her eyes)

*Next he tells her this is awesome, he’d planned this for ages and now she’s finally his slave. She replies yes master.

*He says he better test that it’s completely worked and tells her to give him her money out of her bag as she’ll not need it tonight. She replies yes master and gives him her money.

*He then tells her to bend over while he checks out her ass.

*He tells her to sleep and she goes instantly out.

*He then tells her to call her friends and tell them she cant make it tonight (yes master) She then gets her phone and calls her friends. *Whilst talking on the phone he pulls her skirt down and checks her out. Once she hangs up he steps back and clicks his fingers.

*Jasmine wakes up normally and is shocked to have her skirt down. She pulls it up and asks what’s going on and he just says obey (she goes in a trance)

*She is now told she’s a stripper and will give a lap dance, (Yes master) then he wakes her sits down and she strips whilst teasing him. *Once naked (boots still on) she is told to sleep and he moves away and then clicks her out of it again. She is again shocked and grabs her clothes but he says obey (obey) and she drops them again and goes in trance.

*Jasmine is then told to cum for her master (I want to cum for you master) and begins to masturbate.

*She masturbates while in a trance. A little way in he tells her to enjoy it and she masturbates normally.

*As she cums he wakes her up and she’s shocked and confused but is then put to sleep.

*Once out she’s told as a thank you for helping her cum she will now give a blow job. She then wakes in trance and begins to blow him.

*During the BJ he tells her to sleep while she has his cock in her mouth and then he clicks his fingers and she wakes up normally. She is again shocked and confused

*He just says obey Jasmine your just being a slut and blowing me, she repeats I’m a slut master then continues blowing him happily.

*He eventually cum’s in her mouth and then puts her to sleep and checks her out.

*She’s then told to obey and stand up. He tells her when she wakes she will forget everything. (she repeats I will forget master)

*He then wipes her face whilst telling her she will put her underwear on, see him out and then go to bed.

*He wakes her and she puts her underwear on, snaps out of it and then gets her cigarettes and starts smoking.

*She thanks him for the ride tonight and says it’s a shame he didn’t manage to get her to quit smoking earlier tonight and they’ll have to try again another time.

*Jasmine gets her bag and goes to give him a little money as a thank you for the ride. She apologizes and says she must have spent it all. He says no problem how about you let me take you out instead.

*She says thanks but I’m not interested in you that way. He says obey, she goes into a trance and he say’s you’ll love to go out with me (I’d love to go out with you master)

*She then snaps out of it and gives him her phone number and tells him she would love to go out with him as shes’s always found him attractive.

The end

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