Primals FANTASIES Melissa Moore - The Photographer Valedictorian SD (studio/24134/ 6

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Primals FANTASIES Melissa Moore - The Photographer Valedictorian SD (studio/24134/ 7

Melissa is a brilliant student who’s known nothing but studying and straight A’s for her entire school career. With graduation and the journey to college looming, she has been pronounced the valedictorian of her class. This title comes with several responsibilities and honors, including a special page in the school yearbook and a portrait that will adorn the school halls forever. Of course, to do this, the photography teacher must take her photograph. Mr. Masters arrives, camera in hand, and tries to encourage Melissa to let loose and relax. However, being as dedicated to her studies as she’s been her whole life, her idea of “relaxed” is still pretty stiff. The camera’s flash and a couple words from Mr. Masters begin to bring out a new facet of the prude pupil. For one reason or another, the photography teacher isn’t able to finish taking her pictures, so he returns after school day after day as Melissa’s long-repressed slutty side emerges.

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